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Find connection. Find your calm.

“Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity.” – Jillian Michaels

Feedback from our clients

What I like most about your classes is your guiding through the practice, atmosphere and honestly mostly you … You’re the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had.

– Gabriella K.

This was the most beautiful massage I have had.

– Lea W.

Eszter is pretty much the personification of the gentle, compassionate attitude that I try to cultivate through my yoga practice. She is a source of inspiration as well as a great teacher.

– Roos V. H.

Weekly Yoga Classes in English in Budapest

60-Minute Thai Yoga Massage Xmas Special


Join our gentle but dynamic yoga classes in English in Budapest, where we focus on the breath to still the mind.
Through practicing vinyasa yoga, we allow each movement to follow the inhales and the exhales. We learn how to soften and strengthen at the same time. Leave feeling centered and rejuvenated.
Current schedule
  • Tuesday 19:15-20:45
  • Wednesday 07:30-08.30
  • Thursday 19:15-20:45
Yogayoga Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 27. 2nd floor (pls ring bell yogayoga)
Calm at the Office – Corporate Yoga Classes


Acroyoga joins yoga and healing therapies with other movement styles, including dance and acrobatics to enhance communication and confidence, plus increase stamina and inner strength. We learn how to play again and work on regaining trust in a supportive environment.
What you can expect: games, trust-building exercises, lots of fun challenges, therapeutic movements and massage.
Current schedule
  • All levels workshop: 21 December 18-20:30. Check the details of the workshop here.
  • Beginner’s acroyoga workshop from 7 January for 6 weeks. Get the early bird price by signing up until 21 December, details here!
Oktogon Mozgásakadémia, Budapest, Eötvös u. 11/a


Have you heard that Thai yoga massage functions as “the yoga of the lazy”?
I like to rephrase this as Thai yoga massage can provide the ultimate way for the physical and subtle body to experience a true re-set, for emotional and physical stress to release, in a passive way.
Thai yoga massage happens on a tatami mat while the client wears loose and comfortable clothes. Please bring appropriate clothing with you.
  • Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00
Yogayoga Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 27. 2nd floor (pls ring bell yogayoga)


Hello, I’m Eszter and I teach gentle but dynamic yoga classes in English in Budapest.
Before becoming a vinyasa yoga instructor, I have lived and worked in challenging environments. I’ve come to believe that yoga, meditation and other body-based practices can help us ground, relax and center ourselves.
Do you feel that you also need all this?
During my yoga classes as well as with Thai yoga massage, I will happily assist you in your quest for a sense of tranquility. Calm. Stillness perhaps.
Acroyoga may seem far from still, but you only have to try to realize that it is possible.
I am a Yoga Alliance and AcroYoga Montreal-certified instructor and I would love to be a part of your journey.



Don’t hesitate, drop a line!
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • +36 20 324 5723

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