Yoga is … the beauty in all things

Prism in a yoga shala in Austria.

Prism in a yoga shala in Austria.

How blissful and complete it feels when you manage to fully grasp a moment and see the beauty. To me, this is what yoga is … without seeking it, just allowing contentment and beauty to shine into your life.

Yoga doesn’t happen only on the mat but it takes place in every breath, every movement and every train of thought. Too often, we are so wrapped up in our minds’ stories that we let life pass by. Does it have to be this way? What is the barrier, that very thin line between you and your inner wisdom, that separates you from cultivating joy, contentment and peace?

Energy flows where attention goes.

I encourage you to devote an hour or a day or a whole week to observing your thoughts and trying to find the beauty in all things. If a negative, judging thought arises, just let it quickly pass and try to allow for a positive one that embraces beauty. It can be challenging, for sure, especially given the self-absorbed and busy city lives most of us lead.

But try, without effort, naturally as it’s meant to happen: see the beauty in the small things, hear it and feel it even if just for a moment. More will come your way. And this is how we raise our awareness and start living yoga. Enjoy walking the path!