Freedom in a bottle

Freedom in a bottle


The other day, when we were hiking in Holdvilág-árok, we decided to pick up trash that came our way. I found a bottle. Perhaps it used to contain some cheap wine. Or beer? Not sure. Now it contained a lot of earth, broken leaves and probably lots of living organisms. This I didn’t think of at first so I turned the bottle upside down to shake out its heavy contents, so that I could continue my hike without any burden.

Only at the next stop did I realize that I woke up a little slug who must have called the bottle its home. And now it wanted to come out. Slowly-slowly, it started twirling around and eventually it peaked its little tentacles out … and when no one seemed to be of threat, it crawled to the rim of the bottleneck.

Finally, I gave it a little push so it could be free again among the fallen leaves before I threw the bottle away.

Freedom is great even if it feels scary at times.