Gratitude: Can you find it today?

Did you know that cultivating gratitude is essential to our mental, physical and spiritual health? According to meditation master teacher Tara Brach, a simple exercise of writing about three things “I am grateful for” a day and sending it to somebody may induce relief even in people with strong depression.
The body, the immune system, seems to improve. And gratitude is correlated with the parts of the brain that have to do with every other positive emotion of happiness and contentedness and joy. – Tara Brach
While reflecting about my life in general, and about my choices especially in the past ten years, one word keeps cropping up. It is “freedom.”
I am most grateful for the large level of freedom that I have in my life.
The ability to take a walk in the sunshine mid-day, or to be able to travel without having to get the green light from a supervisor, or the opportunity to create and co-create events and retreats with amazing people — these are all uplifting and massage my soul.
Of course, everything comes at a cost; as my own boss, I am responsible for all aspects of my work, and this often means that weekdays and weekends merge into each other. At times I crave more stability, and a sense of predictability, like that of a 9-5 job.
Another word that I would jot down in my imaginary gratitude journal is “family,” and I mean this in the largest context. I include actual family members, loving friends, and even you, my yoga community in the network of support, a connection of hearts.
And for the last few years, especially this past year that was very rough, I have found absolute support, growth and clarity thanks to my practice. I don’t just mean asana, far from that; when I think about how much those regular sittings with guided or free meditation have helped explore and heal my inner world, my heart fills with respect, awe and thankfulness.
To listen to Tara talk about the link between gratitude and wellbeing, go to this link.
 Balaton kayak-yoga

Balaton kayak-yoga

Are you feeling adventurous and ready to explore a bit of the Hungarian countryside?
During the Pentecost long weekend, we’ll head to Balaton to rest in a wonderful spot, take in the views of forests and the lake. We will balance the restful and energizing aspect of yoga and meditation with activities on the water: grab your paddle and kayak across Lake Balaton, then replenish with a wholesome meal.
The language of yoga classes will be Hungarian and English, if needed. There are yet some free spots on this adventurous retreat, click here for more info or contact me for details.