What does joy mean to you?

As I was riding tram 4-6 to my acroyoga class the other day, I got reminded that life is joyful but we often forget.
I was standing there, wrapped up from toe to head in warm clothes and probably thinking „ahh, it’s still so cold! when does this finally winter end?“
My head was also crammed with thoughts about all the tasks I’d been meant to carry out, while at the same time I felt a bit absent.
As if I was not fully present.
Then a young man in a wheelchair got on.
He was wearing a T-shirt and a vest, a baseball hat and earphones. Acknowledging he needed space, I moved slightly away and noticed that he had no arms or legs.
Yet, his facial expression showed deep calmness and ease. He was listening to music and danced.
He was dancing in his wheelchair.
For a moment, I felt a pang of remorse. The thought that I can be miserable just because of the winter dragging on or any other „small“ issue made me feel like I was not appreciating life.
But then my thinking flipped and I actually felt grateful. I was in awe of this young man living with (what I perceived as) severe limitations, yet dancing away freely.
The magic of life and simple joy are always there.
If I can put aside my worries and constant thinking, I may be able to let this joy unfold.
As the winter is dragging on, we may feel as if joy is harder to happen upon.
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