Musings on surrender and blessings

Musings on surrender and blessings

I have been in Thailand for nearly a month now; I chose this destination for a particular yoga school and to study thai massage, that has long interested me. The trip has not been without any challenges of course, and it always takes some ability and effort to adapt to situations — simply realizing that your discomfort might arise from a conflict with your own preconceptions can also offer relief.

I have been doing lots of this: wondering about my own resistance or unease, not necessarily finding the causes always. However, I feel lucky that I am able to observe myself and in the luckier cases, simply accept my resistance or tension or discomfort. And move on.

In the rare case that I am able to surrender, great things happen though. To give you an example, when I arrived to the island of Koh Phangan, hundreds of other people had the same idea and like me, were looking for accommodation. I spent hours walking up and down the streets, hoping to happen upon a bungalow close to the yoga centers, but most places were either booked out or expensive. Rather exhausted on the third day of searching in the humid heat, I realized that I had to show more trust. Moments after this, the manager of a resort I had earlier been turned away from called out to me as someone just moved out and now a (very simple) bungalow opened up. Isn’t this beautiful?

Of course I am learning loads of things related to yoga that I can’t wait to share with you. Besides the regular asana and meditation practice, I also go to bhajans where we sing mantras facing the Sun setting into the ocean. I feel very grateful to have this experience, which also gives me inspiration for exciting new yoga projects – you’ll learn about them very soon.

Do your practice, open your heart and tune into your true self!

With love,