Look what I’ve found! Gratitude

Eszter yoga Budapest

Thank you, Andalusia ©Louis Treffer

Every single day, I pause for a moment, and say
thank you.
I wake up at dawn, walk out of my room and look up at the sky studded with a myriad of bright stars. In this moment, you already sense that morning is soon to arrive, that the Sun will come up in a few hours, but still you are presented with the magic of this wonderful carpet sprinkled with twinkling particles of light. I feel blessed.
I say thank you as I practice in a yoga shala overlooking a gorgeous valley, with a dozen of committed and vibrant individuals that I just met, yet, I feel we have built a connection in merely one week. I hear us breathe together, slowly peel our masks off as we go deeper, offer hugs when one of us reaches a breaking point, or simply try to stay focused while being aware that it’s not only us that is hurting. I have the opportunity to continue evolving and I feel blessed.
 When my ego is challenged, when a button is being pushed, I might get weaker, I react, get upset, the stubborn monkey mind immediately ignites to create a story and age-old negative thought patterns might kick in. Sometimes, on lucky days, I am able to pause and reflect, and say “thank you”.
Because it is precisely the challenges that guide us further on this path, allow us to continue the quest for deeper understanding of our own nature.
Hello, sweet fig. © Louis Treffer

Hello, sweet fig. ©Louis Treffer

Every single day during a whole month in the pristine mountains of Andalusia, I remind myself how immensely lucky I am: everything I need is literally at my fingertips. When I feel hungry, I step outside and walk down a path into the field of organic tomatoes, pluck one the size of my two fists, and savor its beauty that quenches my thirst and hunger. Fresh almonds are my daily snack following an organic breakfast smoothie, a variety of figs sweeten my path when I go on a hike into the valley, sun-kissed apples and pomegranates nurture me in between asana classes, lectures, and provide energy for my Thai massage sessions. I call this state bliss.
I learn to understand that all I need is already there.
I am content, firmly established in my centre, in harmony with nature. I am grateful for the gifts that I receive, my needs being met and exceeded. I ask that I remain content and keep recognizing the gifts as they are.