5-day Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in Hungary

22-27 May 2021 • 6 days / 5 nights • Dömös, Hungary

Discover the magical Pilis mountains of Hungary on this vinyasa yoga retreat. Through the gorgeous and comfortable resort nestled in the woods, we will gain access to foliage hikes, walking meditation in a riverbed and lots of time to explore and unwind. We will also have a chance to relax at the in-house sauna or through guided Thai massage sessions.
In the pristine location, we will have daily yoga sessions and workshops to tap into our utmost potential and invite deep relaxation back into our lives. This is an intimately-sized vinyasa yoga retreat, expect a familiar feel and a deep journey with professional and experienced instructors. You will feel replenished by the water, the forest, the sauna, the practice and leave more at peace with yourself and the world.
While we will go deep into the self through meditation, asana and journaling, there will be plenty of room for playfulness, nature walks and unwinding. The spots are limited, pre-register now.

Past Retreats


14-16 August 2020, Ladánybene, Hungary
summer yoga retreat coverThe main goal of this summer yoga retreat led by two facilitators was togetherness, and shedding some of the heaviness we may have been carrying. We aimed to reconnect to ourselves, become weightless in water, and to replenish ourselves through community, yoga and meditation.


URBAN YOGA RETREAT: center yourself

1-2 February 2020, Budapest, Hungary
During the slowness of winter, a friction may be felt between the desire for stillness and the need for taking action. Join us on this urban yoga retreat in a friendly and safe space, where we will practice breathing and meditation techniques that encourage our minds and bodies to rest.

JOURNEY THROUGH THE SENSES: yoga, hike and meditation retreat

19-23 October 2019, Dömös, Hungary
Through various body-based practices, we will seek our own center, explore connections and see how we can meet someone else’s being during this yoga retreat, Hungary.
Expect nature hikes, a walking meditation while taking in the wonderful foliage and unwinding in the in-house sauna. We will also have a cultural excursion to Visegrád Castle, and take in the amazing view of the Danube river and surrounding hills.
While we take in the present moment through all our senses during the yoga retreat – including sights, smells, sounds and touch – we will explore ourselves and the surroundings. We may catch a glimpse of our own reflection in others.


14-18 March 2019, Port Sudan, Sudan
Nathalie Bittar, director of Blue Nile Lotus yoga studio in Khartoum, and Eszter are thrilled to bring this retreat to life and invite you to disconnect to re-connect, and appreciate the true gem that Port Sudan is!
This is a rare opportunity to discover the magical lands and waters of the Red Sea from within the Sudan, a north-east African country, where few have traveled. In the global economy, few locations are protected from mass tourism. At the Red Sea Resort, we will be greeted by Iman whose labor of love has birthed a simple and pristine resort. Through the Red Sea resort we will gain access to secluded beaches and uncharted waters. From this remote location we will move together towards stillness and invite deep relaxation back into our lives.

MOVE TO CONNECT: yoga and acroyoga retreat

20-23 October 2018, Dömös, Hungary
Join us for four days of movement, stillness, and connection at a charming mill house in the woods of central Hungary.
Take this time to explore the power within to equip you for the changing seasons. Take time to play with others and find a mutual balance, to hike amazing paths and immerse in the colors of autumn.
Pamper, refresh and rejuvenate in the sauna, nurture yourself with tasty, fresh foods, and be guided by Eva and Eszter, AcroYoga Montreal-certified instructors.