Create space! Yoga retreat May 2016

Create space! Yoga retreat May 2016

Transitioning between a long winter and a bright summer, let’s clear out old energies and thoughts during a weekend yoga retreat with the help of the breath, asanas, meditation, cleansing techniques and mantras! Very excited to invite you to this retreat in the nature, about an hour away from Budapest, where we can completely tune into what’s happening on the inside while nurturing our bodies with clean air, sunshine, fresh food, and detox with sauna.

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.

[The Minotaur] – Albert Camus

Arrival: Friday afternoon, departure: Sunday afternoon.

Location: Három Kincs Völgye

Price: 34,000 HUF before 10 April. After that date: 37,000 HUF
Secure your spot with a non-refundable 10,000 HUF!

Planned schedule:

Friday 6 May
– arrive by 17:00, check in and take a breath
– 18:00-19:00: gentle yoga practice
– 19:00-19:30: guided meditation
– 20:00: dinner

Saturday 7 May
– 6:45-7:30: meditation
– 7:30-9:00: morning yoga flow
– 9:00-10:00: breakfast
– 10:00-11:30: what are kriyas? talk and demonstration of cleansing techniques, and opportunity to try them out.
– 12:00-13:00: lunch
– 13:00-15:30: walk in the nature/relax
– 15:30-17:30: yoga practice focusing on the chakras + yoga nidra (yogic sleep)
– 18:00 – 19:00: sauna
– 19:00-20:00: dinner
– 20:00-21:00: camp fire and mantra circle. bring your instrument!

Sunday 8 May
– 6:45-7:30: meditation
– 7:30-9:00: morning yoga flow
– 9:00-10:00: breakfast
– 10:00-12:00: herbal teatime, sharing circle on qualities we cultivate, shedding old habits and making space for the new. myths of the asanas
– 12:00-13:00: arm balances workshop
– 13:00-14:00: lunch
– 14:00-16:00: walk around, relax or play, depart

The price includes 5 yoga sessions, lecture and tools for kriyas (cleansing techniques), one time use of the sauna, morning meditation and evening mantra circle, accommodation in a 2/3/4-bed room and three vegetarian meals per day.

Feel free to bring your puppy along to the yoga retreat, provided you take responsibility for collecting what it leaves behind. Register now at or check the Facebook event.