My fave teacher on our yoga retreat in Hungary

My fave teacher on our yoga retreat in Hungary

How did I become a yoga instructor?

When I was practicing yoga ten years ago under a thatched roof in Sudan, taking in the sounds of birds and the evening prayer, Nathalie’s presence touched me.
Her kind and focused leading of the class made me feel safe and supported, while challenged at times.
While lying down in savasana, the gifts of the practice sinking in, it came to me that I want to be able to further share this path of self-discovery and healing.
After workshops and a retreat taught together over the past two years, Nathalie is now coming to co-host a yoga retreat in Hungary with me in October for a five-day immersion.

I am thrilled to sit and hold space together with her, and support each other in supporting others.
And do you know what’s special besides our program rich with yoga and meditation? The hikes!
If you come with us on this retreat, you will have a chance to experience meditation and workshops in a location that has very pure and enriching vibrations. The Pilis mountains, where our Journey Through the Senses takes place, is said to be the Heart Chakra of the Universe.
We will also hike to Dobogókő (roughly translated “pulsating stone”), which is considered an area for pilgrims. Legend has it if you place your ear onto the stone, you can hear the heartbeat of the Earth.
Highlights of our yoga retreat in Hungary
 The Danube river at Dömös

The Danube river at Dömös

  • Through daily yoga sessions and themed workshops, we will look within and explore connections
  • We will discover the magical Pilis mountains of Hungary, the Heart Chakra of the Earth.
  • We will have amply free time at the gorgeous retreat nestled in the woods, and go on foliage hikes, walking meditations and relax in the sauna
  • We will visit Visegrád Castle with a gorgeous view of the Danube river
  • I will also lead Thai massage sessions once you get bored of the sauna!